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Beesley's Lark.  Chersomanes beesleyi

Beesley's Lark. Chersomanes beesleyi - Adult

» 50 km north of Arusha
Country image taken
» Tanzania
» January, 2009
» Canon 40D 400mm f5.6
Bird Species
»Chersomanes beesleyi - Beesley's Lark
Bird Species (French)
»Alouette de Beesleyi
Bird Family
Bird Status
» Data Deficient
» Previously considered a subspecies of Spike-heeled Lark, Chersomanes albofasciata now treated by most (including Clement's) as a separate species, Chersomanes beesleyi. Found only, in a tiny area of northern Tanzania. This is one of Africa's most endangered birds. With likely fewer than 60 individuals, in a single isolated population.