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Amur Falcon on the wing, hawking for insects

Amur Falcon on the wing, hawking for insects - 1st winter male

» Newcastle, South Africa
Country image taken
» South Africa
» February, 2009
» Canon EOS 50D + 400mm F4 DO & 1.4x
Bird Species
»Falco amurensis - Amur Falcon
Bird Species (French)
»Faucon de l'Amour
Bird Family
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» Comments from Dick Forsman on this image: "(This bird) is a first-winter (immature) male Amur. However, it has to be said, that this plumage is the most similar of all plumages between the two species (Amur and Western Red-footed Falcon). Western Red-foot (1st winter male) has an identical plumage-type, and the differences are very few. The most reliable ones are: The new central tail-feathers are grey on Amur, but darker, almost black on WRF and, the retained juvenile underwing coverts are practically black-and-white on Amur, while WRF has more buffy coverts with brown markings (less contrasting pattern)." Many thanks Dick!

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