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10 million points for seabird conservation

Date posted: 
Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Seabird Tracking Database was established by BirdLife in 2003.

Number 10 million was a data point of the Southern Giant Petrel © David Osborn

Seabirds undertake some of the most incredible migratory journeys in the world. Take the Arctic Tern, for example, whose travels from pole to pole every year exceed a whopping distance of 80,000 km, or many shearwaters and skuas, with journeys of tens of thousands of km, often across ocean basins. Protecting such highly migratory bird species is a challenge, as different scientists, institutions or NGOs gather local data and try to safeguard their patch of ocean with limited funds.

Inevitably, conservationists can lose sight of the big picture if there’s no place to share the information. This is where the Seabird Tracking Database comes into the full story here.

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