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Early morning mist rising over the Nyungwe forest

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John Caddick

Rwanda is a small (26,328 km2 in area) and landlocked country. Much of the country is rugged and mountainous, particularly in the west where the Albertine Rift (1600-4500 m), which divides the Nile and Congo River Basins, runs along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The watershed of these two massive rivers is in Nyungwe.

The scenery in the mountainous areas is spectacular.

Most of the country lies over 1500 m above sea level. The lowest lying part of the country, the south-west, lies around 800m.

The capital Kigali is in the centre of the country from which there is good access on metalled roads to the main national parks and especially Nyungwe and Akagera for birds and Volcans for Gorilla tracking. Outside of the national parks, population pressure is high and much of the country has been deforested for farming.

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