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Main changes in the January 2007 version

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Two substantial changes:

1)  The main list now in 2 parts:  a) Non-passerines to which brief notes of Status, Habitat and Range have been added; b)  Passerines (it is intended to put similar notes onto this part in due course).

2)  All names have been revisited and where the general consensus suggests that a change should be made to the main entry line this has been done with suitable modifications to the notes.  A list of changes to main names is included below.

Other changes have included:

1)  Updates to Clements’s checklist from dated July and December 2005.  (It is noted that a 7th edition of this checklist is due for publication in January 2007 and will be incorporated as appropriate in due course.)

2)  Updates to Howard & Moore’s checklist  dated 31 January 2006 at Howard & Moore update

3)  Handbook of Birds of the World volumes 10 and 11 (to end of warblers and flycatchers).

4)  The International Ornithological Congress list of English Bird Names has been incorporated.  Also the single asterisk following a secondary English name now indicates that this is the IOC preferred name (previously the asterisk indicated the name used by the Sinclair &Ryan fieldguide).

As a consequence of the above there are also some changes to the Introduction.

It is intended that this list will be updated and modified at intervals. Generally this will happen no more than once per year.

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