Working for birds in Africa

Preliminary survey of Wattled Ibis in Bale Mountains NP, Ethiopia

p 157-161

The results of a preliminary survey of Wattled Ibis Bostrychia carunculata, conducted in the north-eastern part of Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, in January 2005, are reported. During c. 100 hours of field work, using line transects and point counts in an area of 27 km=, at least 246 ibises were recorded. Wattled Ibises occurred at a density of 10 individuals per km= and at five sites groups of 22-93 birds were observed. In the study area Wattled Ibises roosted in trees and avoided cereal farmland. Previously recorded threats of over-grazing and tree-cutting still exist, whilst potential new threats include soil erosion, conversion to agriculture and extraction of ground water.

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