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Atlas Flycatcher Ficedula speculigera or Collared Flycatcher F. albicollis in Mauritania?

p 189-193

An enigmatic Ficedula flycatcher, mist-netted and photographed in Tichit, Mauritania, on 17 September 2004, is described and its identification discussed. Although initially thought to be an Atlas Flycatcher F. speculigera, several features typical of the latter were apparently absent in the Mauritanian bird. The possibilities of the bird being a first-year Collared Flycatcher F. albicollis, a hybrid Collared x Pied Flycatcher F. hypoleuca or an Atlas Flycatcher are examined. It is recommended that extreme care be shown when attempting to identify black and white Ficedula flycatchers in West Africa, as current knowledge of the various plumages of these birds is still inadequate.

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