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Pennant-winged Nightjar

Pennant-winged Nightjar - Adult male

» 10 km off the Cabinda coast, Angola
Country image taken
» Angola
» July, 2006
» Nikon D70s with 6Mp and Tamron 200-500 lens taken at 200
Bird Species
»Caprimulgus vexillarius - Pennant-winged Nightjar
Bird Species (French)
»Engoulevent porte-├ętendard
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» It was early morning around 8 am and we are not far from shore at all. At one end of our transect we are only 10k from shore and the furthest about 30K. I sighted him when we were close to shore. I noticed him flying around the vessel as we were conducting small boat operations. He continued to flit about the vessel occasionally landing. Noticed he would never land in the rigging of the vessel but always landed on deck and would "huddle" down until spooked again.