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Yellow-throated Seedeater

Yellow-throated Seedeater - Adult

» Melka Ghebdu
Country image taken
» Ethiopia
» April, 2013
» Canon 1D mk IV + 300/2,8 with 1,4 TC
Bird Species
»Crithagra flavigula - Yellow-throated Seedeater
Bird Species (French)
»Serin à gorge jaune
Bird Status
» Endangered
» These 7 pictures shows the individual variation of Yellow-throated Seedeater. The pictures show 6 different individuals. On April 11th 2013 I spend most of the day, from sunrise to late afternoon, hiding in a small stream near Melka Ghebdu River (19 km after Ankober Church). On previous visits I had noticed the Yellow-throated Seedeaters almost always came to drink at that exact spot. They are usually quite shy when drinking in the stream and hiding is the best way to get reasonable pictures. During nearly 10 hours of observation I counted 12 different individuals coming to drink in groups of 2-4 + some single individuals. The exact number of birds is difficult to be sure of, but I took notes and pictures of most birds and therefore 12 should be the minimum number. 1-2 times per hour, during the whole day, including the hot hours around midday, they arrived at the stream. Many of them came to drink twice during the day (judging from photos probably showing the same individuals). Most birds (8 individuals) had an obvious pale yellow throat, 2 birds had a more bright yellow throat and 2 had a pale throat with no yellow at all. At least 2 birds, had a yellow wash on the belly.

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