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Adult female Black-headed Weaver ssp 'capitalis'

Adult female Black-headed Weaver ssp 'capitalis' - Adult female

» Sedjè-Dénou (Basse Vallée de l'Ouémé) - Benin
Country image taken
» Benin
» January, 2011
» Nikon D7000 + Sigma 400mm f5.6
Bird Species
»Ploceus melanocephalus - Black-headed Weaver
Bird Species (French)
»Tisserin à tête noire
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» Nik Borrow commented "my own feelings are that the lack of green and yellow hues in this bird make it a female Black-headed (Yellow-backed) Weaver P. melanocephalus capitalis. Coupled with that the thicker bicoloured bill and slightly streaked back. To me female and juvenile Orange Weavers are more 'colourful' with obvious green and yellow in the plumage, strong white belly and obvious wing bars"

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