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Black Saw-wing - ssp Antinorii (

Black Saw-wing - ssp Antinorii ("Brown Saw-wing") - Adult

» Awash River near Sodore
Country image taken
» Ethiopia
» April, 2016
» Canon 1D mk IV + 300/2,8 with 1,4 TC
Bird Species
»Psalidoprocne pristoptera - Black Saw-wing
Bird Species (French)
»Hirondelle hérissée
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» This bird has a bronze-like gloss. This makes me quite convinced it is the race antinorii aka "Brown Saw-wing" Usually the birds just appear black and the gloss of each race is very hard to judge in the field. Off course immature of all races can appear brown in the field and therefore perhaps be mistaken for ssp antinorii. But I believe this bird is an adult and the gloss is bronze, not dull brown like immature.

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