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Abyssinian Woodpecker - possible immature male?

Abyssinian Woodpecker - possible immature male? - Male

» Entoto
Country image taken
» Ethiopia
» February, 2015
» Canon 1D mk IV + 300/2,8 with 1,4 TC
Bird Species
»Dendropicos abyssinicus - Abyssinian Woodpecker
Bird Species (French)
»Pic d'Abyssinie
Bird Family
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» This bird is a little more streaked on face/forehead than usual (not the usual clearly marked brown & white ) and has a rather dark barred back. Is it an immature male or just a bird in a worn or unusual plumage? Dark marking on back does fit an immature and I'm sure it's a male, because the red crown on immature female is quickly worn off (and this bird is not very young, also no adults were seen nearby, all juveniles I have seen were with adults)

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