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Country checklist and status


We are delighted that our Corporate Sponsor iGoTerra has made its country checklists, including subspecies (IOC or Clements) as well as all other species groups like mammals, butterflies etc. available through the ABC website. The only thing required is a Basic membership / registration which is free of charge. Go to Tunisia checklists. If you are already a member of iGoTerra, you will be taken directly to the country page. In case you are not a member, you will be redirected automatically to the registration form and from there can go straight to the country page.​​​​​​​

ABC and other checklists

You can download and print an ABC / Dowsett checklist for Tunisia. The ABC lists follow the taxonomic sequence and names of Birds of Africa Volumes I-VII and are kept up to date with published and peer-reviewed records.

See also The Birds of Tunisia - An annotated checklist Paul ISENMANN, Ali EL HILI, Hichem AZAFZAF, Habib DLENSI & Mike SMART.

Endemic species

There are no endemic species in Tunisia.

Near endemic species (found in 3 or less African countries)

Levaillant’s Woodpecker

Picus vaillantii

Moussier’s Redstart

Phoenicurus moussieri

Threatened species

Marbled Teal*

Marmaronetta angustirostris


Ferruginous Duck*

Aythya nyroca


White-headed Duck*

Oxyura leucocephala


Lesser Kestrel*

Falco naumanni


Saker Falcon

Falco cherrug



Crex crex


Houbara Bustard

Chlamydotis undulata


Slender-billed Curlew

Numenius tenuirostris


* species occur regularly in Tunisia. See BirdLife International.

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