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Country checklist and status

You can download and print a checklist for Réunion.

The avifauna of La Réunion is poor in species but has a high proportion of threatened and endemic taxa. 78 species have been recorded comprising 9 native landbirds, 8 breeding native waterbirds and seabirds, 32 regular migrants, 9 accidentals and 20 introduced species.

Endemic species

Mascarene Black Petrel Pterodroma aterrima
Réunion Cuckoo-Shrike

Coracina newtoni

Réunion Stonechat Saxicola tectes
Olivaceous Bulbul Hypsipetes borbonicus
Réunion White-eye Zosterops olivaceus

A possible new species of Scops Owl Otus sp on Réunion is an account of an unseen owl species calling. There are no known owls on Réunion. A second paper gives further evidence from different sources - RENMAN, E. (1995) and BRETAGNOLLE, V. & ATTIE, C. (1996).

Near endemic species (found in 3 countries at most)

Barau’s Petrel Pterodroma baraui Ro
Madagascar Marsh Harrier Circus maillardi Ma, Co
Mascarene Swiftlet Aerodramus francicus M
Mascarene Grey White-eye Zosterops borbonicus M
Mascarene Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone bourbonnensis M, Ro

Species also found on Co=Comores, M=Mauritius, Ma=Madagascar, Ro=Rodrigues.

Little-known African Birds - Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone bourbonnensis SAFFORD, R. (1997).

Threatened species

Barau’s Petrel Pterodroma baraui Endangered
Mascarene Black Petrel Pterodroma aterrima Critical
Madagascar Pond Heron Ardeola idae Vulnerable
Madagascar Marsh Harrier Circus maillardi Endangered
Madagascar Pratincole Glareola ocularis Vulnerable
Réunion Cuckoo-Shrike Coracina newtoni Endangered

The lists of endemic, near endemic and threatened species have been compiled from a number of sources including the African Bird Club, BirdLife International, and Birds of the World Version 2.0 ® 1994-1996, Dr. Charles Sibley and Thayer Birding Software, Ltd.

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