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Country checklist and status

You can download and print a checklist for Botswana.

A spreadsheet version of this checklist for Botswana which requires less data transmission can be downloaded from this link: Botswana checklist.

Botswana has no endemic species although it does have very important populations of several globally threatened species. For example, the Okavango Delta holds the largest single population of Wattled Cranes Bugeranus carunculatus of any country in Africa and most of the world’s Slaty Egrets Egretta vinaceigula also occur here.

It also has good populations of several species that are much sought after, from White-backed Night Heron Gorsachius leuconotus to Pel’s Fishing-owl Scotopelia peli. Important African Skimmer Rynchops flavirostris populations occur in the Okavango Delta and Rock Pratincoles Glareola nuchalis breed near Kasane at Chobe Rapids. Botswana boasts southern Africa’s most important Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber and Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor breeding sites, at Sua Pan in the Makgadikgadi system.

Waterbird populations generally are large and diverse with good numbers of migrant crakes and Palearctic waders occurring in wet summers.

Botswana holds a very significant proportion of Palearctic non-breeding populations of Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio and Lesser Grey Shrike L. minor, Olive-tree Warbler Hippolais olivetorum and Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata.

Endemic species

There are no endemic species in Botswana

Near endemic species (found in 3 or less African countries)

Short-clawed Lark Certhilauda chuana

Threatened species

Slaty Egret Egretta vinaceigula Vulnerable
Cape Vulture Gyps coprotheres Vulnerable
Lappet-faced Vulture Torgos tracheliotus Vulnerable
Black Harrier Circus maurus Vulnerable
Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni Vulnerable
Wattled Crane Bugeranus carunculatus Vulnerable
Black-cheeked Lovebird Agapornis nigrigenis Vulnerable

Further information can be found at BirdLife International.

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